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Inspiring Travels to bring Home

As we reach the first of the Summer months most of us are looking forward to a holiday of some description.

Whether that’s a short City break, a long relaxing, overseas beach holiday or a tour of some of the wonderful scenery that Britain has to offer, we can use our travels to inspire the spaces we live in.


As a starter, if you’ve ever experienced the colours, shapes and textures of Morocco, either in person or just in a brochure, you can see how the influences can easily be translated into your homes.

The geometric shapes and vibrant hues that are so obvious in the culture bring a wonderful warmth into our homes here in Blighty! Exotic and luxurious, the fabrics and metallics mix together to create a genuine visual delight.

The stunning Moroccan lanterns add a real interest to lighting elements and this is a great example from Ocean Lighting available online. The detailed fretwork typical of the country can be seen on furniture or accessories and adding areas of this into a room will tie the concept in beautifully.

You can even mirror the shapes on your wallpaper, like this one which has the design created by using glass beads.

This can bring a different feel to a room depending on the time of day as natural light will reflect differently to that of a lamp or ceiling light. I am a huge fan of this glass bead wallpaper – it brings such personality and interest.

Peak District

Closer to home, take a look at the colour combinations offered up when visiting places like the Peak District.

Quite obvious are the strong orange tones with the cooler purples and then look again and find the more neutral greys lifted by the vibrant yellows.

If Mother Nature has brought these together in the most natural of settings, who are we to disagree?

Use this palette in your soft furnishings, wall colours and accessories to create a living space inspired by this natural beauty spot.


Across the continents, some tourist spots show their heritage such as the wonderful Art Deco area in Miami Beach.

The collection of pastel colours and obvious lines and shapes are typical of this design era.  A simple way to introduce a little art deco influence could be through mirrors or lighting.

This mirror from Dunelm is a distinctive art deco shape and also adds a little glamour, which was a huge characteristic of the time.

Happy Travels

So, wherever you find yourself in the world, take a moment to look around you.  What distinguishing features catch your eye? How do colours and textures appear in your surroundings?

Also, the best tip I can also offer is that souvenirs from your travels and expeditions are always a fantastic addition to your interior schemes.

They provide a story and memories which in themselves add character and individuality to your home.

Happy Travels!!