Happily Ever After for You And Your Home

After the opportunity of a candle lit dinner on Valentine’s Day last month, there may be some of you who have taken the next step in your relationship?  If you find yourself with a fiancé and a wedding to plan, then first of all – Congratulations!!

One of the most exciting days of your life requires so much time and planning but do not worry – you don’t have to do this all on your own.  The professionals will all be available to offer guidance, advice and assistance.

There will, of course, be lots of choices and decisions to make, so firstly, choose your professionals wisely.

An area to pay attention to is the Gift List and what you would like to achieve from it.  Whilst some couples request contributions towards the honeymoon, some see the chance to complete or update their homes.

The great news is there are plenty of online gift list providers including the well known, high street department stores, like John Lewis, House of Fraser and Debenhams.

For something a little different though, check out Prezola or The Wedding Shop.

To make your Gift List as personal as your big day, and to get the most out of your home transformation, why not enrol the talents of an interior design service? Creating a completely bespoke package tailored to you and your fiancé. That way you stay in control and can prioritise your preferences.

Let’s face it, everyone is looking for that unique feel and if you’re going ‘to have and to hold from this day forward’ you want to make sure you get it right! My advice is always about the planning as I explained in the February issue. But also, you need to consider where and what your budget should be spent on.

I always feel a beautiful pair of made to measure curtains create such an impact and exude a luxurious feel into any space whatever the concept (traditional, contemporary, minimalistic) the curtains can be the show stopper if designed well. The design in the fabric in these floor to ceiling curtains is stitched in metallic thread which will create real movement when the light catches.

A really nice addition to a pair of curtains is a creative trimming and again, this crystal edging will catch the light and make your curtains unique and interesting.

No matter what you’re thinking of introducing into your home, look around you for inspiration. Right now, Spring starts to offer up a wealth of colour and you will find this reflected in some of this season’s new fabric, wallpaper and paint ranges.

Don’t be afraid to be a little bold with colour and prints – experimenting is the fun part of designing a new room! I love the feature wall in this conservatory. It’s a really eye-catching statement without being too dominating for the room.

If colour is your ‘thing’ then watch out for next month’s issue as I will be focusing on colours, their meaning and psychology, and how to work the different colour theories into your home.

So whether you opt for a contrasting or complimentary scheme, or decide to make a statement with a monochromatic palette, I’ll offer a little insight into how to approach it.

Until then, for better or worse, see you next month!